Spoke Bmx Website


I am currently designing a brand and building a website for a young bicycle shop based in Cornwall. I have designed a Jquery based animated navigation system which aims to be both intuitive and fun to use. The finished website will implement a shopping cart and will be a platform for bmx riders to find out the latest news.

Knuckle Sandwich Graphic Novel


A personal project of mine, a graphic novel in full colour about a family’s struggle to cope with their Grandma’s dementia.

Throwaway Landscape Book


The first (complete) book in a series of four, examining the social and cultural changes in the British landscape. The books provide a visual and interactive exploration of these changes. The seperate books cover: Manufacturing, Spending, Mending and Ending. The books come complete with personalised stamps and an envelope to mail the book on.

Masters project: Recharge Magazine


My first project during my masters was to design a brand identity for a magazine named Recharge, which explores unusual and contrasting cultures and communities. For the logo I wanted something that was iconic and instantly recognisable without having too much personality, in order to fit in with photographs of varying landscapes. My final design is split on to three levels, which represents the battery bars and is also an invitation for viewers to interact with the logo. It also is constructed with fairly basic shapes, so that it can be used for stencils.

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Contact Editions


Designed and built website for Contact Editions, a fantastic new platform for photography selling photographic prints from emerging and established artists.

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adam patterson photography

Adam Patterson Photography

Designed and built website for photographer Adam Patterson, included custom built image gallery and content management system.

emily graham photography

Emily Graham Photography

Emily required a clean design that focused on her photography, I achieved this with good use of typography, spacing and a custom built image gallery that suited the style of her work.

su snodin

Su Snodin Art

Website designed at Glass Eye, a cleanly designed static xhtml website for painter su snodin. Incorporates lightbox and contact form.

leon willis

leon willis

A project whilst working at Glass eye, a website designed for London based cinematograper Leon Willis. This site displays his videos and impressive portfolio.

flash dvj decks


A group project whilst working at University, which combined actionscript with video to emulate dvj decks.